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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  March 30, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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mobile home park, and afternoon in kumar doesn't like what he sees. >> did you hear it. >> yeah, i saw the whole thing falling apart. then it was like the house was shaking, the fab's backyard was gone too. >> erosion over the years has eaton away at the land kumar's mobile home sits on and the recent storms didn't help. >> kids were screaming and they were like, why are we not going in the bedroom. i told them the story and they said we can see the creek. >> while he lost the home he was renting, he's in the middle of another fight. it the property owner wants the valley water district to pay for the repairs. >> we feel like this is god's work, but at the same time, it the creek is not ours. we can't build anything on it. we need the water district to cooperate with us. >> but the water district says the creek is theirs. >> the creek is owned by the mobile home park. we do have annesement over parts of it and it's for flood
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protection purposes. >> the water district says it can help with technical advice on preventing future erosion, but it can't use public funds to repair private property. >> that's news to me at this point. >> reporter: while both sides debate the issue, kumar's neighbors who own their holmes have only one expensive option, pay $30,000 to move them or perhaps watch stevens creek swallow them away. and just to clarify one more time, mr. kumar rented both the mobile home and he leased the land that it was on. the other homeowners who had their mobile holmes red tagged they owned those but are also las vegas the land. it costs them about $30,000 if they want to move this mobile home out of this danger area. the water district tells me there are other concerns along stevens creek, concerns of erosion so this problem might not be over yet. and as raj mentioned at the top,
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we got this tip vittia a viewer. if you have any tips, please send them to news tips at nbc bay we're live in mountain view. i'm damian trujillo. >> nice job there on the edge of those cliffs. tonight now the probts in san pablo. they're getting ready for a meeting between city leaders and residents about the landslide there which ripped back yards and back porches away from several holmes. heavy raines from the recent storms made the soil unstable. and sent it slipping downhill. now, previously, a couple days ago on sunday, the city proclaimed a local emergency which is the first step in getting state and federal money to help with the repairs. this meeting now tonight begins in less than an hour. residents will be brought up to date on everts to stabilize that area. new tonight at 5:00, a retired engineer from the lawrence livermore laboratory says his solano county neighborhood has the potential for an even more disastrous pipeline explosion than the one
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that happened in san bruno last year. he was so concerned about the gas lines running under his neighborhood, he got a federal grant to study it. today he organized a walking tour through the area and released his findings and showed how the underground pipe lints run through his house and the holmes of neighbors. he says because they're within 18 yards of jet fuel pipelines running to the air force base, the potential for dangering is even greater than it was in san bruno. now to an nbc bay area follow-up, the drug selling allegations against a former east bay narcotics commander have spawned a civil lawsuit against an east bay city. a criminal law specialist is representing five people arrested in drug raids in antioch. they're suing norman welsh and several members of the antioch police department claiming they were searched illegally and that their property was stolen by officers. their attorney released this new
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video claiming it shows an officer redirecting a surveillance camera. the suit claims officers seized cash, guns did, and other items which were never returned to their owners even once charges were dropped. the mercury news reports antioch city managers disputes the claims in the lawsuit and the city attorney has declined to comment. >> an east bay neighborhood is on edge tonight after two serious allegations of attempted abduction and sexual assault of a teenager girl. the details of the story are changing rapidly. let's bring in nbc's jody h hernandez from this east oakland community with the latest. this is a sensitive topic. what's happening? >> reporter: detectives have been talking to the girl trying to sort out exactly what happened, but i'm told getting that information has been a very slow process and the information has been changing. but one thing that hasn't changed is the anxiety level in the neighborhood where the reported attack took place. >> i pick up ladybugs and little
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tiny butterflies. >> 9-year-old natay loves to spend time picking flowers and chasing butterflies in her east oakland front yard but her father won't let her out unless he's right there with her. >> i said you don't stay out here by yourself at all because like i said, don't know who's drubing around here. >> he may have reason to worry. oakland police say a 14-year-old girl was allegedly kidnapped from that same block late sunday night and sexually assaulted. >> we do have our special victims unit investigators on this case. it is a high priority to the oakland police department. >> police say getting to the bottom of the case is a priority. they're urging everyone to be on guard while they sort out the facts. >> natay and her father already realize they live in a danger zone, but the reported kidnapping makes them even more aware enterafraid. >> it scares me so i won't go outside much now. >> it makes me even more so that she ain't going to be out here,
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you know, at any time by herself. once there's a description comes out, i'll be looking. i'll be watching for cars and stuff like that or you know, people and stuff like that. >> reporter: again, polices are currently still trying to confirm all of the facts in the case and trying to figure out exactly what happened. they are asking anyone with information to contact them right away. reporting live in oakland, i'm jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> well, now to a story we've been on top of all day. this is video from our chopper over heyward. police there received a call about 9:30 this morning from a woman saying there was an intruder in her home. an officer arrived on the scene shortly after and saw a vehicle headed toward him going very fast. that will vehicle collided head-on with the police car and three suspects fled on foot. this afternoon, police s.w.a.t. team and search dogs tracked down two of the three suspects. the third is still missing tonight.
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we will continue tracking the story for you throughout the night. two more major leaguers took the stand in the barry bonds perjury trial today. former yankee randy have heard told the court today he purchased human growth who are flown bonds' personal trainer h. he testified further that greg anderson helped him inject the performance enhancing drug. he followed testimony by former giant marin benard who also testified anderson supplied him with designer steroids. also today, workers at ucla's drug lab were questioned about a bonds urine sample seized in a 2004 raid of quest diagnostics. prosecutors claim it tested positive for steroids. >> he ran once unsuccessfully. the question is will he be running again. lieutenant governor and former san francisco mayor gavin newsom is denying rumors he'll run for governor. "the chronicle" reported this morning he is already starting to ask for donations for another
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gubernatorial bid. he's already opened a re-election campaign committee for his current position but no rules stop him from turning that into a governor's bid. his press secretary called the report today "silly," and told us he is 100% focused on being lieutenant governor. the current governor made an announcement today. the drought is over. the announcement comes after the latest snow survey in the sierra which showed the statewide snowpack is 1658% of average for this time of year. recent raines also has a majority of the state's major reservoirs above normal storage levels. a former governor schwarzenegger declared a drought back in june of 2008. even though the drought is now over, governor brown is still urging californians to conserve as much water as possible. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri here with more on this announcement of the drought being over and a serious warmup here in the bay area. >> definitely, raj. great news here right in the
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northern sierra where we do get a lot of the runoff as wut head throughout the spring and summer. that sierra snowpack 174% of normal average. some great news there. also rainfall totals over the past five weeks bumping up by several inches especially within the past week or so. now everyone from the south bay to the san francisco bay above 100% of normal for the rainfall. meanwhile, we have hot high pressure sitting offshore. what this is doing is bringing down these dry northerly winds which has been pushing temperatures into the 70s and 80s today. who was the warmest in santa rosa with 85, walnut creek, 84, stanford, 83, and south san jose with temperatures in the upper 70s. even warmer for tomorrow, we'll have details on those numbers and weekend changes coming up. >> loving it. thank you very much, jeff. we've got a lot more to
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come. the bay area county ranked the healthiest in the state. >> the also, president obama preparing to make another visit to the bay area. find out when, where he's expected to go and why it could be linked to a major announcement. >> i'm mayor and favro. the first of its kind in the nation. a new bay area research center hoping to solve a medical mystery. why are some babies born too early? hinnd traces of oo a fodprhed t n uc in aood producrehere it the u.s.
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president obama will be returning to the bay area next month. this will be his third visit here since october. the president will visit san
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francisco on april 20th for a fund-raiser. mr. obama's trip will follow his re-election kickoff. there are reports the president will also make a stop along the peninsula in attempts to raise more cash. obama's most recent visit happened last month when he dined with hi-tech executives including apple's steve jobs and facebook's mark zuckerberg. turning now to japan and beyond. low levels of radiation from japan's nuclear crisis are showing up in milk samples in washington state. the epa and food and drug administration say consumers should not worry but add they should expect more of this news in the coming days. the measurements were taken on milk samples in spokane last friday and show radioactive levels 5,000 times below the fda's recommended levels for infants. >> topping our health watch, premature birth is the leading cause of newborn death in the united states. not only is it devastating for
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parents who are lose a child but babies that survive often face a lifetime of health problems. bay area's marianne favro is here to explain how bay area scientists might play the a critical role in helping babies reach full term. >> when a baby is born premature, in more than half the cases there is no identifiable cause. now a research center is tackling the question that baffled doctors for decades. why does it happen? in the marvel of birth, a miss have i. why are some babies born too early. kobe surprised his parents. >> he was born at 2 1/2 pounds and spent two months in the nicu fighting for his life. >> the same date his brother caleb was born. >> he was four months early, only 13 ounces. >> the shared birthday with his brother quickly became bittersweet. >> about an hour and 1 minutes after caleb's birth he stopped breathing. >> the march of dimes reports
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one in eight babies in the u.s. is born premature. >> that's a fairly high number. it's higher than most other developed countries. >> in nearly half the cases there is no identifiable cause which is why stanford university school of medicine and the march of dimes launched a new research center today. experts from many backgrounds plan to look at the problem from every angle, squen net tickets, the environment, infections, ethnicity. >> there are data that suggest that there may be ethnic differences in the rate of preterm birth. african-americans in particular have a higher rate compared to caucasians. >> kobe bracy is now 9 but bats major health problems and pain. >> we had to take him out of school because of his pain level on a pain scale from 1 to 10, he was living at a 7. >> kevin bracy hopes scientists help more children begin their lives in their mother's arms. >> i'm hoping that no other family has to endure the loss, the pain, the financial stress,
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the emotional strain of having a son or daughter prematurely. >> doctors say premature birth not only impacts parents but society, as well. the u.s. pays an estimated $20 million a year in medical costs for premature babies. hopefully, the center can make a difference. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. now in other health news, the fda is reconsideringing whether there might be a link between the artificial dyes found in many foods and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children. previously, the fedses have said there is no link but that has not stopped families from sut cutting the colors from their diets. now the fda is again looking at dyes found in everything from drinks to candies and picks and mac and cheese. the industry is urging consumers not to rush to judgment. the healthiest county in the state is here in the bay area. for the second year in a row, marin county wins the title with lower rates of smoking, obesity,
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and teenage mothers. mariner loses points for bing drinking consisting of more than four to five drinks in one sitting. 45% of adults report bingeing during the month. coastal counties tend to score higher than inland areas and california's rural north ranking last in the survey? trinity county. okay, let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. this is amazing. driving to work today, along the peninsula, air conditioning in my car it was so warm. >> oh, yes. i have mine on every day just about. not good for conserving energy, but yeah, it was warm out there. those car thermometers reading in the low to mid 80s. marleau, i thought you were going to the game. >> i was there from about 10:00 till 1:00 today.
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>> you looking from oakland into downtown, 76 right now in oakland. that northeasterly wind pushing right into san francisco as well hoping to warm temperatures up at the ballpark this afternoon for that giants game. temperatures rights now at 76. still holding on to 84 in santa rosa, 80 in livermore, 78 in san jose and it was comfortable and warm today. we're going to see temperatures going even warmer for tomorrow with record warmth coming our way. 80 degree weather for thursday. weekend changes. don't get too used to this 70 and 0 degree weather. clear skies currently for most of the viewing area because high pressure continues to sit right offshore and it's going to park itself here as we head into thursday, also for parts of friday, helping to force a little bit of heating down to the surface. we'll call it warm, not quite hot. usually you need to get over 90 degrees for the word hot to be thrown around in the bay area. thursday, those 80 degree
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temperatures inland. friday, some slight cooling in the forecast. with these warmer temperatures and some wind kicking up, it's also going to kick up the allergies in the high category for thursday for most of the allergens in the atmosphere. record highs tomorrow, where could we see them? santa rosa with a possible 87 degrees. we could have a few isolated 90s. dublin 84. san jose expected 83. tonight, a little bit of cool in the east bay with the 51. by 11:00 a.m., temperatures in the 60s. as far as the south bay goes tonight, 56 in los gatos, 60 in san francisco, and 56 infer santa rosa. tomorrow, some of the warm spots, that's right. 80s in the extreme south bay after 50s this time last week. 82 in san jose, 83 in livermore, 84 in dublin. for the peninsula warm for you with temperatures in the upper 70s. 87 in concord, 85 in napa and for the north bay, it just
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continues. one of the warmest spots santa rosa with an expected 87 degrees. we could see a few isolated 90s in the north bay. so it's still good for friday. but we crash a little bit here in those numbers as we head into the saturday with clouds building and even the slight chance of a shower. >> don't say it. >> oh, yes. by next week, we'll start to the gradually warm up and dry out. this is great news for all those areas still trying to clean up from the landslide issue. much needed drying coming just in time. >> gives them the break they need. >> definitely. >> she was at the ball game today. >> i was. i got a little sunburn. whoa is me. >> yeah, we felt so bad for you. >> giants beat the a's, 2-1. >> yes, they did. >> still ahead at 5:00, the winner is, learn the u.s. city igetting a big gift from googl. plus, cracking the code. the unsolved murder the fbi now needs your help to solve. >>. and the killer whale involved in a deadly incid last la year returns to baba in two minutes. i
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okay. with three clicks of her heels dorothy could go home to kansas. now with a click of the mouse, google is headed to kansas, as well. mountain view's internet giant announcing today it will launch its newest ultrafast broadband network where? in kansas city, kansas. more than 1,000 cities made bids to become the first side of the program set to launch at the beginning of next year. google says the internet in kansas city will be 100 times faster than your broadband connection at home. if it succeeds no word when the faster network will come to the bay area. fbi experts are baffled tonight and need your help cracki a coded message found in the pocket of a murder victim more than a decade ago. take a look at this found in e pocket of victim ricky mccormick back in 1999. investigators think he wrote the 30 lines of code himself and it
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may contain a clue about his killer. his family says the 41-year-old grew up writing encrypted notes. no reward thus far is being offered. the killer whale that attacked and then drowned a trainer at seaworld orlando is performing for the public once again. this morning tilikum performed jumps, splashes and other acrobatics, the first time the killer whale has been seen publicly since it dragged trainer dawn bran choleinto the water in february of 2010. since then it the theme park made several changes to shamu's stadium including building barriers and preventing trainers from getting in the water with those killer whales. >> like we've never seen it before, one planet's first close-up. >> plus. >> i'm george lewis. half of the epa monitors that check radiation levels in the air aren't fully functioning. the epa says it's no big deal but here in california, where there are two nuclear plants close to fault lines, it is. see that story on "nightly
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news." then see how california is at ng the ante on onenab b nbce leea on nbc bay area news at 6:00. [ female announcer ] at the jcpenney appreciation sale this friday and saturday, get an extra 20% off apparel, shoes and accessories with your jcpenney rewards credit card. san rer, sale and clearance items!
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finally tonight, this is considered the best look we've ever had at the planet mercury. it looks a lot like the moon. unlike the moon, the surface is hot enough to melt iron. take a look. nasa's messenger spacecraft is sending back stunning pictures. messenger is programmed to get 75,000 images of different areas of mercury on its one-year mission. as hot as it is, scientists say there are permanent shadows inside deep craters on the planet which could be cold enough to form ice. >> pretty cool stuff.
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>> remarkable to see that. >> thank you for joining us tonight. "nightly news" is up next. >> we'll see you at 6:00.
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